Birthday Gift Baskets are the Great Way to Exhibit your Love

At times, purchasing a wonderful birthday gift can be actually very difficult, especially for your wife. No wonder, you both are well aware about each other’s liking but still at some point of time you might feel that you have purchased every possible thing for her on her previous birthdays or other occasions. It is quite important for the husbands to put in their attention while selecting the gift for her for the reason that their wife might have high expectations from them. Besides, if you do not buy something of their choice then your state becomes awful.

Birthday Baskets are the Best Options for Men and Women

Sometimes, it is not necessary that birthday gift ought to be a giant one. You can look for amazing birthday gift baskets for her as this gift would surely be cherished by her. Additionally, if you do not wish to spend money on one thing, then you have the alternative of buying lot of small things for the hamper. She will no doubt love this gift as it takes lot of thinking and consideration to arrange everything and also get it delivered timely.

You can come across variety of birthday gift baskets for men. Whether you are buying it for your soul mate, Father or son, it is well thought-out to be one of the best solutions. It is a truth that men love being pampered by their dear ones and the most perfect way to exhibit your love and affection is by gifting him a unique hamper filled with good quality of products. These hampers will definitely do a trick and make him feel extra special. Everyone desires to feel special and hence this can turn out to be the best technique to put your point across.

Chococlate gifts and corporate chocolate

Interesting Chocolate Facts You May Not Know

Of course, there are even more fun and interesting facts about chocolate as it dates back to 1000 B.C. Compiled here is a list of interesting tidbits that can be used to impress friends and family while enjoying one of your favorite pieces of indulgent chocolate.

1. The first recorded “Death by Chocolate” case occurred in the 17th Century in Chiapas, Mexico. Upper class Spaniards were so addicted to chocolate that they refused to adhere to a church dictated chocolate ban that forbade them from eating or drinking any food during the church services. As a result, the people of the town refused not only listen to the ban but chose to attend worship services in convents instead. The Bishop who passed the law was later found dead due to poison being mixed into his daily cup of chocolate.

2. The word “chocolate” comes from the Aztec word, “Xocolatl”, which ironically means “bitter water”.

3. The biggest bar of chocolate ever made was created in 2000 and weighed 5,000 pounds. Turin is the city in Italy that can be proud of this accomplishment.

4. Americans eat an average of 22 pounds of candy each year, or approximately 2.8 billion pounds annually which is split almost equally between chocolate and candy. Most Europeans consume far less than this.

5. While the US produces the most chocolate and consume the most pounds every year, the Swiss consume the most per capita, followed closely by the English.

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