Southwest Gift Basket

Arizona Gourmet Southwest Gift Basket


Our gourmet Arizona Desert Southwest gift basket comes complete with your favorite local treats. Not only does is basket finished with the finest Arizona specialties, but it is guaranteed to give its receiver a Southwest experience. Order today for faster shipping options.

Includes :

.14 oz AZ Cowboy Tortilla Trio Chips

.3 oz AZ Cowboy White Cheddar Popcorns

.12 oz AZ Cowboy Authentic Arizona Salsa

.8 oz AZ Cowboy Mountain Peak Yogurt Pretzels

.5 oz Delicious Cactus Candy

.10 oz Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly

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Our Arizona Gourmet Southwest gift basket is a popular gift idea for those who want to spread the taste of local delicacies. Enjoy Arizona’s cactus candy, cactus Pear Jelly, locally produced Arizona salsa, popcorn, yogurt pretzels, tortilla chips. Above all this basket will be appreciated by all. We can customize the gift baskets to add your favorite Arizona gift items. We deliver to the Phoenix Metro area on all weekdays.


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