Bay Rum Island Spa Tray


A tropical experience awaits with this collection of Bay Rum Spa essentials. The perfect gift for the guy in your life – with products made from only the purest ingredients, while providing luxurious spa experiences…

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You can almost feel the warm tropical breezes and the hear the waves lapping up on the beaches of your favorite tropical paradise when you select this gift for a special guy. Nestled in a bed of shells are all the products he will need for a relaxing spa experience:

– Bay Rum Body Wash

– Bay Rum Solar Mineral Bath Salts

– Bay Rum Soap Bar – a pure vegetable face & body bar

– Loofa Bar for exfoliation

– Earth Therapeutics ┬áDream Silk Comfort Cream that have often been called “liquid pajamas” as it comforts and relaxes the body for deep, restful sleep.


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