Grandma's Perfect Mug

Grandma’s Perfect Mug 


Grandma’s Perfect Mug

This special mug is going to put an smile on Grandma’s face.  Let her know with this great mug that will reminder her how you feel every day she uses it to enjoy, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, mocha latter or chai tea. There’s plenty of deliciousness in this gift with:

  • McSteven’s Chai Tea
  • McSteven’s Mochi Chocolate infused mocha latte.
  • Caffe D’Amore Bellagio Raspberry Parfait hot cocoa
  • an assortment of Green Teas by Ahmad Tea of London
  • a solid milk chocolate bar from Godiva
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe ceramic mug

The perfect gift for the greatest grandmother.  Perfect for a leisurely break in her busy schedule – this gift will not only make her day special – but also every day she uses the mug she will be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

This gift is perfect for Mother’s Day, Birthday, thank you,or just because.

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Grandma’s Perfect Mug


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